Cloud Delusions

Had a client email me a few days ago, panicked that their web site was down. It wasn’t. Instead, their registrar’s domain name servers (a.k.a., DNS) were down. Despite the fact the registrar had four domain name servers, spread across diverse geography,...

Windows 10 is coming and it’s … free?

Well, maybe. On July 29th, Microsoft will launch their latest version of Windows, known as “Windows 10.” What happened to Windows 9? It’s a bit of a mystery. Reality is, actual software version numbers used to track technical changes by...

Choosing a hard drive: Does the brand matter?

It’s not easy to get comprehensive information on hard drive reliability. Most of us in the information technology world have anecdotal tales of hard drive reliability and failures, but one or even a few data points about brand and model hard drive reliability...

The Shellshock Bash Vulnerability – Patching CentOS

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