EditPlus – This little known Windows text editor is designed for developers, and it’s a terrific tool for web developers. It offers syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript, along with excellent FTP integration, which makes editing files on a web server as simple as editing files on a local machine. It also has an integrated web browser, allowing a single keystroke preview of work in progress, without having to post any files to a web server. I’ve been using this editor for more than a decade. It’s a mature, stable product. A single license is $35, and it’s worth far more than that for anybody doing web development.

SQLyog Community Edition – This database management tool makes interacting with MySQL (and MariaDB) databases a pleasure. When I have to use phpMyAdmin or the MySQL command line interface, it drives me nuts, because I am so spoiled by the speed and ease of SQLyog. The community edition is free. There are commercial versions of this product, but I’ve never felt the need to upgrade for the features available exclusively in the commercial version.

Filezilla – I interact with hundreds of web sites across many servers. Moving files between data centers and my office is an all day, every day task. Filezilla is the best FTP client software I have used, primarily because it is really good and managing a large list of FTP servers and connection parameters for each server. It’s also fast and easy to use.