I started 2013 with an important goal: Migrate my hosting operations to a reliable data center provider, so I could focus on building web sites and writing software for my customers.

For eight years, ZJS Technology’s hosting operations were housed in a Ft. Lauderdale data center. By 2010, after a series of acquisitions, the data center owner had become Peak 10, a large player in the data center business.

Unfortunately, ZJS Technology wasn’t very important to Peak 10. The quality of service degraded steadily. By 2012, it was clear I had to move my hosting operations to another provider. After evaluating providers for several month, I choose PhoenixNAP. I have since migrated all of my primary server operations to the PhoenixNAP data centers in Phoenix, AZ and Ashburn, VA. Migrating the servers was a lot of work, but the effort proved very worthwhile. The new hardware and software are far more reliable. The data centers are state-of-the-art facilities. PhoenixNAP does an excellent job on service and support.

The result? Less time spent responding to server and/or data center problems, and more time to work on projects with customers.

I was also able to improve the resiliency of ZJS Technology’s operations by moving secondary DNS services and backup storage to a another data center in Kansas City, MO. These were critical improvements to the operation, providing geographical and data center owner diversity for operations and backup data storage.

There were a few late nights spent getting this done. OK, a lot of late nights.

Very much worth it.