Can you build a web site for me?

Yes!  That’s what sets ZJS Technology apart from other hosting companies.  For the price of hosting, you get a professionally crafted web site, built to your taste.

What are my payment options?

Currently, ZJS Technology invoices on a quarterly basis.  Invoices are payable by check.  In the future, I hope to have credit card payment options available.

Do you have any hosting plans under $10?

No.  High volume, budget hosting providers make money by placing hundreds, or even thousands of hosting customers on a single server.  Performance, reliability and service are often very inconsistent with budget hosting.  Budget hosting companies don’t have time to deal with individual customers; they can’t afford to.

Budget hosting has its place, and may be right for your needs, but it is not the business ZJS Technology is in.  My hosting fees are very reasonable when you consider that you have easy phone and email access to a technical professional with more than three decades of technical experience, at no extra cost.  Many hosting providers charge per-incident support fees, or force you to submit trouble tickets and then wait in a queue with little or no indication of when you’ll receive help.

Is there a minimum contract length?

No.  All hosting plans are month-to-month.  Even if I build you a web site, if you decide to go elsewhere after one month, that’s your choice.  But you won’t.  Your initial experience with ZJS Technology will be so good that you’ll realize there is no way to get the same value elsewhere.

Is my information secure?

Yes!  Your web site is hosted on a high quality, password protected server, in a professionally run, physically secure data center with backup power facilities.  Additionally, your web site, email, and databases are backed up nightly, encrypted, and transmitted to a remote location for safe storage.  For web sites where customers are entering sensitive information such as credit card numbers or personal data, a GeoTrust 128 bit SSL certificate is available to ensure the information is transmitted securely between you and your customers.

Do you have an uptime guarantee or a service level agreement (SLA)?

No, for the simple reason that such guarantees don’t offer you much real benefit.  For example, with a 99.5% uptime guarantee, an outage for an entire business day would be worth less than a $1 credit to you on any of the web hosting plans.  That credit wouldn’t make you feel very good about poor service, so I am not going to pretend it should.

I use high quality equipment and data centers with a 100% uptime goal in mind.  Of course, 100% uptime can never be guaranteed because even good equipment and well managed data centers can have failures.  Therefore, my commitment to you is this: If, during any month, you aren’t satisfied with the uptime service you receive, just tell me and I will credit the monthly plan fee back to you.

I need my web site to work with a system at my office.  Can you make it do that?

Very likely.  I have a lot of experience in system integration.  Depending on the nature of the systems involved, I can often do this as part of your hosting.  For example, if you need order notifications from your web site, this is usually easily accomplished.

Some projects may require a consulting or development quote.  Please feel free to call and discuss with me.

Which ZJS hosting plan is right for me?

If you want a simple, static web page and email to advertise your business or organization, the Basic plan is probably all you need.

If you have multiple pages of information you need to make available, such as product and service information, frequently asked questions, contact information, about us, or you need some advanced scripting for visitors to use your site interactively, your best choice may be the Advanced plan.

If your web site needs advanced functionality, e-commerce features, database driven content such as a product catalog, and is likely to need regular updates, the Managed plan is the right choice.

See the details for these plans on the Web Hosting page.

Are custom server configurations available?

Yes.  If you have a particular server setup in mind, I am happy to help you achieve it. Please let me know what your requirements are.

I need custom software installed for my web site. Will you do that?

It depends.  For customers on Basic, Advanced Managed and Reseller plans, I will install software that is widely accepted and known to be well behaved in terms of security and resource usage, so long as it is compatible with the hosting platform and you have a license for the software.

Because of the extensive compatibility issues, I cannot guarantee that any third party software you need will be compatible with my hosting environment.  If this is a critical issue, we can also discuss a dedicated, managed server for your needs.

If you build a web site or other software for me, do I own the software?

Yes, you own it, with one minor exception.  One of the ways I deliver value to my customers is reusing code I’ve already built.  For example, if you need a “Contact Us” form with messaging functionality, chances are, I’ve already created something similar for other clients.  I often reuse parts of an already developed solution to benefit your site.  This helps me deliver a quality, tested, working solution to you very quickly.

When I create software for you, you own the actual code and can use it for any purpose you like.  I own a copy of the code and can use it to create derivative work for other clients.  I will never use it to benefit a competitor of yours, nor will I use it to convey the intrinsic value of your web site to another party, e.g., help someone start a competing web site using your web site as a starting point.

I respect and protect the privacy and trade secrets of my clients.  If you have specific concerns regarding proprietary information, we can discuss them, and if necessary, structure a contract for your protection.  I frequently deal with non-disclosures in my consulting efforts.  I will always maintain a professional commitment to protect your proprietary information.

Can you help me with PC problems?

Yes.  I provide PC and network support for many of my customers.  Rates are very reasonable, and vary depending on the nature and location of the work.  I am happy to discuss your needs via phone or email.

Do you have reseller plans?

Yes.  Please see the reseller plans described on the Web Hosting page.

Who is ZJS Technology?

ZJS Technology is a guy named Rich Stern.  See the About Us page for more info on Rich.