Confused about which technology to implement?  Which vendor to buy from?  Not sure how to best approach a technical project?  Worried that you might have missed a critical consideration?  You’re not alone.  Information technology changes at an overwhelming pace.  It’s easy to make mistakes that cost both time and money.

It doesn’t have to be that way for your organization.

An outside perspective can be helpful.  Careful analysis and research, with your specific goals in mind, is essential.  Technology advances.  Products change.  Vendors change.  Making the right choices requires asking the right questions.  I can help you identify the critical issues and find the right answers.

I don’t charge for initial conversations regarding consulting projects.  Call me.  Pick my brain.  You may get all you need in that one conversation.  Together, we can discover ways for you to get something done better and faster.  Perhaps even by spending less.

My commitment to you as a client is to have your business priorities in mind, and keep the technical solution understandable, relevant, and sustainable for your long term success.