I started writing software in 1976. In the time since, I’ve written large and small systems for sales, marketing, accounting, production/operations, customer service, as well as highly customized applications unique to particular businesses. Many of these projects involve databases, client-server technology, user interfaces, system-to-system interfaces, and the Internet.

One of the things that differentiates my web packages unique and better than the typical hosting company is bundling my development skills with hosting. There are literally thousands of companies that will host your web site. How many of those companies can build your web site for just the price of hosting? And do it quickly, professionally, while exceeding your expectations? That is what I do.

The Basic hosting package includes a starter web page. The Advanced hosting package includes a custom web site, usually with a standard WordPress template. The Managed hosting package includes even more development: Extensive scripting functionality for e-commerce or highly custom sites. All included for the price of hosting your site.

Need more than just a basic web site? Here are some of the projects I can help you bring to life:

For the web – Basic web site, e-commerce, business-to-business, consumer shopping sites, community forums, customer portals, employee portals, web interfaces for existing systems.

For the office – Inventory management, operations, accounting, sales, marketing, customer care, databases, integration of multiple systems.